Monday, November 2, 2009

Bad moods ok; thought to boost memory!

Reuters brings us this gem of a story and further reinforcement for those of us who are always lambasted by giddy folks who don't question anything in life -- and were the ones who said, unfazed, "Ok!  I believe you!" when Bush and Cheney told us all of those massive, history-altering lies a few years back (and just last year!).

Apparently it's OK to be in a bad mood -- it boosts your memory!

The story's lede:

"Bad moods can actually be good for you, with an Australian study finding that being sad make people less gullible, improves their ability to judge others and also boosts memory."

The study "showed that people in a negative mood were more critical of, and paid more attention to, their surroundings than happier people, who were more likely to believe anything they were told."

And one more quote from the piece:  "People in a bad mood were also less likely to make snap decisions based on racial or religious prejudices, and they were less likely to make mistakes when asked to recall an event that they witnessed."

Some of us out here didn't have to be told that, but sharing a study like this with le masse will help fight the tide of the happies from crushing us all with their glowing giddiness.

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