Thursday, November 5, 2009

Novelist John Irving doesn't want you to shoot yourself (wheeew!)

American badass novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Irving gave an interview to Big Think in which he advises young writers not to go a-shooting themselves if they can't get their work published right out of the gates.

"If I were 27 and trying to publish my first novel today I might be tempted to shoot myself," Irving admits.

He goes on to say that it's much tougher to get novels published today than it was back in the day.  We kinda already knew that one, but thanks for the expert advice none-the-less, Mr. Irving.

"I worry about what's going to happen with those good, younger writers, but -- uhhh -- I don't think 'the book' is in any particular peril.  I think 'the book' is gonna survive."  Here he is referring to the book as an art form, obviously, and that even though publishing houses are brutal places of competition and bottom-line driven environments, young writers should still aspire higher ...

Check out the Big Think video interview here.

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