Monday, November 2, 2009

Newspaper Deathwatch: Pulitzer-winning Phoenix paper set to close Dec. 31

The great year of the death of the newspaper industry marches forward!  The East Valley Tribune, a metro-Phoenix newspaper, is closing as of December 31, 2009.  It was just last April that the paper won a Pulitzer for "a five-part (multimedia) series that exposed how police protection suffered as Sheriff Joe Arpaio focused on efforts to combat illegal immigration," according to the paper's archives.

Hopefully you recognize the name and title of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is a conservative wing nut of the highest order.  He's been on CNN's weekday-afternoon show with Rick Sanchez a lot this year, where he proclaimed on his most recent appearance, just last week, "I don't take orders from anybody."  This was a reference to how federal authorities are debating the effectiveness of such loud-mouth goon who has been completely disregarding the rule of law.

He is wacky, God-fearing Republican (a.k.a. "idiot") who hates the people who aren't white!

Here's the story about their closure announcement.

Here's the story of when they won their Pulitzer just a few months ago.

Here is the five-part, Pulitzer-winning story on that crazy guy out in Arizona.

The sad thing?  He's planning on making a gubernatorial run for Arizona, or something equally insane.

Back to the death of the newspaper industry -- 2010 could be worse.  Get tough and act accordingly.

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